About Antihack

We're a startup company!
The idea for Antihack was founded to protect and serve. Everything has moved online, so have criminals. Antihack protects your website with the latest technologies and is constantly being improved by innovation. Our goal is to provide website protection at a low cost and constantly providing innovating new functionality and features.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to make the internet a safer place to be. Our vision is to always stay innovative with the latest technologies and continue to ultilze information and knowledge from some of the worlds greatest minds in cyber security.

NGO and Non Profit

We love and support NGO and Non profit organizations actively. We believe that it is important to help others, hence our whole concept. We therefor provide our service free of charge to any non growth or non profit organization.

Innovative Resources

We believe in the value of communities and sharing knowledge. We support, participate and utilize information from the OWASP community in a great way, not just in technology but also in heart. There is nothing stronger than a community combatting cyber criminals together.

You host valuable data? Better safe than sorry!