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Website Security & Firewall

Antihack is a powerful cloud application that will protect your website and data from hackers, bots, and other cyber threats. Antihack actively scans for threats and protects against SQL Injection, Flooding, XSS Vulnerabilities, Proxy Visitors, VPN visitors, Spam, Content theft, Malicious files and much more.


Automatic Action

Antihack uses intelligent algorithms (similar to the ones used by major Antivirus industry companies) and OWASP Technologies to detect all known threats, as well as new unknown threats. Code recognition and patterns automatically take appropiate action.

All-in-one Solution

Antihack comes with hundreds of features out of the box. Warning or ban pages will display messages. Every attack and visit is logged and you can easily unban or manually ban IP addresses. The live monitoring feature gives a great overview and the statistics are thorough.


Product Features

SQLi Protection

Protection from SQL Injections (SQLi) and XSS Vulnerabilities (Cross-Site Scripting).

Proxy Protection

Protection from Proxy, VPN and TOR Visitors to avoid anonymous website behaviour.

Spam Protection

Protection from Spammers and Spam Bots that aim to spam your website.

Bad Words Filtering

Protection module that filters profanity, bad words, bad links, bad sentences and other bad content in real-time.

Malware Scanner

Antivirus Scanner that will scan your website for malicious files and will notify you if any are detected.

Input Sanitization

Protection Module that automatically sanitize all incoming and outgoing requests and responses.

DNSBL Integration

Integration with some of the best Spam Databases (DNSBL), to protect your website from Bad Visitors.

AdBlocker Detection

Detect and block visitors that use the AdBlockers to hide the ads on the website.

Auto Ban

Function that will automatically block attackers and threats such as Bad Bots, Crawlers and other.

Threat Logs

Each threat and attack is logged into the database, so you can view them at convenience.

E-mail Notification

Receive an E-mail Notifications when an attack or a threat has been detected.

Content Protection

Select various methods of Content Protection by removing abilities such as right-click from your visitors.

Getting started

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Step One

Sign up for trial period by using your business email and click the confirm link in your email inbox.


Step Two

Manually paste the Antihack script to your website or install through Google Tag Manager.


Step Three

Adjust the Antihack settings as you see fit, and setup a billing agreement to stay protected.

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14 Days
SQLi and XSS Protection
VPN/Proxy Visitor Filtering
DDoS and Spam Protection
IP/Country Ban and Blocking
Email notifications


Billed Monthly


SQLi and XSS Protection
VPN/Proxy Visitor Filtering
DDoS and Spam Protection
IP/Country Ban and Blocking
Email notifications




Billed Yearly


$40 discount
SQLi and XSS Protection
VPN/Proxy Visitor Filtering
DDoS and Spam Protection
IP/Country Ban and Blocking
Email notifications



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We offer an attractive kickback referal system and make individual partnership agreements. We strongly welcome partnerships and our aim is to make our customers data less vulnerable to cyberthreats.

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